About Me

I'm a photographer, I take pictures of everything.

Born in the Netherlands and grew up in the greater Amsterdam area. A place I love, but also escape every once in a while to travel. 

I believe that everything has its own kind of beauty, my job is to capture it all. Meeting new people and exploring special places make me appreciate what we have and make me want to share this through photography.

I bought my first camera a couple years ago in 2013. The first year not much happened besides snapshots. Learning more about my camera, composition, editing and so on got me to the point where I started my own photography business in 2016. Ever since started to get into commercial photography I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, work at the most beautiful venues and experience beauty wherever I go.

As for now I enjoy my work a lot, sometimes it can get quite hectic, but when I see some of my final images it makes it worth the effort.


Let's just say I mostly work in the event photography business and do quite a lot of portraiture, but if you have a different request, please feel free to contact me. I probably have some work to show you. My website shows just the tip of the iceberg.


When someone is completely comfortable with the situation you can capture their true self. This applies to portraits, events or even wildlife, just a matter of finding the right way to communicate and you can capture that one special moment as you were never there.


Currently based in Amsterdam, but not tied down to it. Over the past few years I was fortunate enough to travel for work and capture some amazing people, places and moments. If you want me to capture your moment you can always send me a inquiry.


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